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spring 2

Launching our new learning for this term, on 25.02.2020 we had a screening of an episode of 'Planet Earth'!  Year 3s will be studying the Arctic, Antarctica and small, inhabitable islands, comparing these to the UK.  At the same time, the Year 4s will be studying the tropics and understanding the impact of the equator on the climate, comparing landscapes of the tropics to the UK's landscape.

In Art, Year 3s will learn clay skills whilst Year 4s will learn the skills of paper mache. Year 3s will apply these skills through a DT project of designing, making and evaluating volcanoes which we will blow up for our Learning Link Showcase!  The Year 4s will apply their paper mache skills in DT by designing, making and evaluating the strength of a bridge. These will be tested out for our Learning Link Showcase where we will discover how much weight each bridge can sustain.

Phew! Keep your eyes peeled for all of our other skills and subjects we will be studying alongside these including Science, R.E., Computing, etc.

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